The resort offers a few trips you can enjoy while spending a night with us.  A)  the most popular is the visit of the magnificent 280km2 mangrove forest, composed of dozen islands, the nicest and best keep mangrove forest of south-east Asia. B) You also could cross that same mangrove in order to reach “Koh Kong island” and its deserted beaches or C) enjoy a “fun fishing” trip in the heart of that mangrove. D) The visit of Koh Kong town and its surroundings by Tuk-Tuk will be another option. E) The last and most appreciated destination is “Rochy Falls River”, an expended beautiful site lost in the heart of the Cardamon mountains where you’ll be able to enjoy waterfalls, luxuriant nature and much more…

Mangrove visit

The most beautiful mangrove forest of south-east Asia, composed of dozen islands stretching over 280km2 and reaching the Indian ocean. For this excursion, you’ll have the option of a 1h30mn, 2h30mn or ½ day trip. Different routes will be used depending of the ocean tide level and the time spent on the boat.

PRICES: start at $14/p for 2 people (1h30 trip) , $18/p for 2 people (2h20 trip) and $23/p for 2people (1/2 day trip)

*Departure time is flexible / free cool water / group discount / free for children under 10

Koh Kong island (Rocky Beach)

This full day trip will allow you to discover the entire mangrove forest and enjoy the beach at the same time. In order to reach one of Koh Kong’ island beaches, first you’ll have to cross a part of the mangrove forest, enter the Indian ocean and after a 2h00 journey, jump on “Rocky Beach”. A good 4h00 will be spent there, enjoying the 1km long desert white sand beach before heading back to the resort, entering again the mangrove forest using a different route.

PRICES: $24/p for 4 people, including lunch, cool water, English speaking guide

*Departure 8h00 and back by 18h00 / group discount /free for children under 10

The Cardamon mountains

(Rocky Falls River)

The Cardamon mountains, one of the last intriguing and majestic place on Earth, still mainly untouched. Another full day trip, highly appreciated by all guests for its various activities and its overall splendor. The boat will meander a large river through the mountains/jungle for 2h30mn before reaching our destination, the intersection of the main river and Rocky Falls River. From there, you’ll have to swim and walk on large flat rock platforms to discover a small river island. After the picnic lunch served close to a waterfall where swimming and relaxing will be a treat, for a greater physical effort your challenge will be to climb-up Rocky Falls River, crossing its refreshing pools, finding your way through huge rocks and uncover new surprising places as long as you go higher. Luxurious vegetation, crystal clear water, beautiful rocks designs and if you are quiet enough you might surprise some wild animals (monkeys, wild dogs or mountain goats) as it has happened before. A natural harmony of beauties never to be forgotten.

PRICES: $27/p for 4 people including lunch, cool water, English speaking guide

*Departure 7h00 and back by 18h00 / group discount / free for children under 10

Koh Kong town and its surroundings (Full day) 



A Tuk-Tuk visit of Koh Kong, its market and riverside to start with…Then, cross the large Ko Pao river to arrive at “Buddha Hell” pagoda where lunch will be served, sitting on big rocks facing the river. After that, you will head off to Baklong fishermen village and its pagoda located close to “Nice Beach”. There, a few wood and bamboo shacks have arranged long chairs and hammock on the beach around pine  trees. Relax for a while, rocked by a light constant breeze from the Indian ocean and enjoy a fresh coconut drink or some delicious BBQ seafood. This could be a flexible trip (time stay & destination).

PRICES: $22/p for 4 people , English speaking driver

The Fun fishing in the mangrove (1/2 day or full day)

Leaving at your convenience, the boat will anchor in the middle of a vast stretch of water located in the heart of the mangrove islands forest. You’ll move to different fishing spots if needed and the captain will assist you in fishing techniques at all time if necessary. For full day trip, the picnic lunch will be served on the boat as well as cool water for both trips.

Trip includes: Fishing gears, baits, lunch and water

PRICES: $20/p for 4 people (FULL DAY) , $13/p for 4 people (1/2 DAY)

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